We will help you visualize what your home or project will look like in 3D. We will transform your rough floor plan or cad drawings into a floor plan and/or Sketchup 3D model in which you can virtually walk through the apartment.

If you are a homeowner, we can assist you with space planning and furniture layout. You will have a better understanding of how your spaces will work with your possible furniture, fabric, tile, window treatment or paint color choices. You will be better able communicate your ideas to your contractor

If you are an interior designer who does not have the time to draw, we will assist you with creating SketchUp models and mood boards. You will have additional marketing material to make your sale.

We can take your rough floor plan (it doesn't need to be in scale as long as dimensions are notated) with block furniture layout diagrams and turn it into a floor plan, elevation, and/or Sketchup 3D model and or short 3D animation. (We also work from cad drawings.) Your client will have a better understanding of how the spaces will work with their existing or new furniture.

Also, if you need to communicate your ideas for custom furniture to your client or cabinet maker, we can assist:

Our Process

Step 1. Gather project references from client.

These include a project brief including scope of work. Also included should be accurate floor plans (sketched or CAD) or product design requirements, measurements, reference images, and photos. A fixed price is given to the client.

Step 2. Rough Drafts.

Once the information is received we begin the design process. Throughout the modeling process, images of the progress will be sent to confirm that everything is correct. Revisions are made, if applicable.

Step 3. Detailed Model(s) and/or virtual tour animation (short video.)

Step 4. Delivery and Invoice.

Affordable cost. Fixed project price. Contact me to discuss your ideas and start your project.